Emergency Management

An example for a worst-case-scenario which would write fear into the face of every company: Loss of cooling, climatization, heating or airing. Coming along with this: Destruction of cooled goods and an immense financial damage. In case a deep freezer breaks down not only the goods inside it are at risk. Melt water can cause considerable damage, goods can no longer be sold. The consequence: loss of sales.

This is not the template of a fantasy film. This is what happens to stores. Every day!

Our remote-control service can prevent those things from happening. In case of a malfunction we can act via remote-control service. We can alarm your partners in service and support them using qualified methods of diagnosis for the needed reparation.

We monitor small changes in temperature intensively and act as soon as a real malfunction gets recognized. And of course, we inform our clients immediately. This saves you from unnecessary check-ups at your store. In case our systems record higher changes, the first step is to communicate via telephone to clarify any further steps. Checking your store outside of your daily working hours comes to an end and saves a lot of money compared to former forms of dealing with malfunctions. The result: You and your personnel get relieved.

Upon request, we coordinate repair works – even those of your partners in service – and support them with technical advice. The result: expenditure of time for needed repair and emergency maintenance get reduced with help of our remote-control service. In many cases, the time-consuming analysis of reasons for malfunctions is no longer necessary. Deployment costs get reduced, relieving your operating costs.

Upon request and with an appointment, our emergency service helps you with modem and/or network problems on-site.