Technical Partners

You want maintenance of your plants and units without being limited by systems or your distributors? You want to relieve your personnel while being able to offer a wide range of services? Then the remote-maintenance of FSZ Nattland is interesting for you as a specialist company. Our know-how supports your:

  • Climate technician
  • Cooling technician
  • Heating technician
  • Airing technician

The services offered by FSZ help you to maintain your freedom of choice concerning providers and systems for your control technology.

Not only do you have the free choice when it comes to control technologies. You no longer need to purchase the expensive manufacturer’s software. We can even integrate EIB-bus systems (European Installation Bus-bar) into your building technology.

Another advantage of the FSZ Nattland technology is the fact that we can implement already existing control technology when connecting with you. On the basis of our remote-control service lies our software engineering with which different regulation and controlling systems can be controlled centrally with help of our fault management system.

Upon demand, our specialists can support your technicians or partners in service when it comes to technical problems, e.g. concerning modem or regulator problems.

Another thing we are able to offer on demand is the adjustment of reactions of your plant’s regulator (e.g. cooling suction pressure, condensation pressure, defrost control, heating inlet and return flow temperatures, nominal values, schedules, etc.).