Cost transparency

What is the meaning of cost transparency in remote-control and why is it so important to us?

First of all, remote-control is a service, in which the performed scope of service is not easy to measure by clients. In many cases, this leads to misunderstandings concerning the appropriate cost of services.

Right from the beginning, we challenged ourselves to display the work carried out by our employees transparently and comprehensibly.

We know that this claim asks for the willingness to confess one’s own fallibility. Going this way, we have the possibility to analyse and shut down our own faults when communicating with our clients. This is the only way to reach our goal: offering remote-control meeting highest quality standards.

After more than five years of living this transparency, our clients have confirmed that we have chosen the right way.

Our clients know how to appreciate our service and more than 50% actively use our optional service package LOG2EVENT. This service package contains a digital log book in which all fault messages and the chosen measures are documented.