With help of us monitoring your data, FSZ Nattland offers every possibility to retrieve data of different control systems via a web portal in a uniform representation, which is fast and easy to use. This offers our clients the following possibilities: problem-free meeting of the required HACCP-Regulations (proof of an uninterrupted cold chain), analysis of energy consumption of properties, analysis of procedure and status reports of technical systems in buildings and the easy comparison of measuring data from different properties using different control systems.

Our App enables our clients to access the HACCP-database around the clock. This functional and password-protected access is available all over the world – given that you have internet connection. No matter if you are using your smartphone or PDA (Windows operating system required).

The acquisition and filling of data, procedural and status reports, enables the evaluation of the efficiency and functionality of your units. The sustainable and cost-effective operation of your units is one of the main aspects. Archiving your data makes a long-term view possible. Analyses represent the life cycle of any of your units, support the detection of weak points at an early stage and secure your investment planning.

Monitoring of Temperature

The legislator has taken account of the quality standard for chilled goods by introducing the HACCP-regulations. The observance of an unbroken cool chain has the highest priority and needs to be proven. By help of our automatized temperature recording, documentation and archiving of the collected data we can help you to meet the legal requirements.

Monitoring of Energy Flows

The daily evaluations of energy flows (electricity, gas, water, heating, etc.) can be retrieved by our clients via a web-portal. This information is depicted with help of graphics and reports.

When looking for peculiar energy consumption, our presentation of your data can help you to identify them with help of accurate allocation of times. Now there are no more obstacles on our way of deleting your high energy consumptions and by this, saving you from high costs.

FSZ-Nattland uses technologies (remote readable meters) which enable us to measure your energy flows on a constant basis. In case you need them, FSZ-Nattland can configurate detailed analyses of your energy flow in one-minute cycles. Normally, those evaluations are generated in a 15-minute-rhythm.