Permanent control allows for analysis of details, reasons and frequency of faults. With this the functionality and efficiency of plants can be ensured.

As an example, a cooling unit gets regulated according to its daily cooling demand. This dynamic adjustment needs an intelligent control system and helps to reduce costs. To use the efficiency of a control system optimally and for a long-term, the control of every parameter is necessary. Even small changes of parameters, e.g. due to the work of a technician or coming along with changes of the personnel when sorting goods, need the direct intervention of the specialists of FSZ in order to maintain the efficiency.

Sustainability of measurements can only be assured when data of energy use and other parameters constantly get controlled. Only then will measurements for an increase of energy efficiency be successful.

Interim reports including anomalies and possible solutions can be sent to our clients according to time periods chosen by them.

The same applies to the yearly evaluation of consumption data and summaries in one energy report.