• Transparent remote service

Transparent remote service

FSZ Nattland is a system and manufacturer independent remote-control service for refrigeration and energy systems, offering an extensive range of services. A team of competent and committed employees supervises, controls and governs your plants – 24/7, 365 days a year.

The company is directly focused on the optimal and cost-effective operation of your refrigeration, heating and air conditioning plants. With help of future vision, we are developing solutions for your needs of tomorrow. Clients of FSZ-Nattland, which is the abbreviation for our remote-control service, transfer their measuring data to our control centre (24/7), which is based in the commercial park Nattland. In case we detect abnormalities concerning this measuring data, we can react immediately. Problems can be solved right away or by help of our service technicians – should the situation arise, we will confer with you before acting. 

Our clientele does not only consist of food trade and production, pharmaceutical trade and production or hardware stores. Other clients work in the field of manufacturing industry with its process chilling units, air conditioning and energy recording systems.