Remote access

In the „modern“ world of today the term “Remote Access Service” usually comes up in connection with computer related problems. Fernservice (remote-control service) is the German term and it describes that we offer services on your system right from out of our offices.

Our employees act in case of a malfunction (only in that case? – YES – all other operations are part of data logging, plant optimization, etc.), using secured connections to access your control system in order to analyse the cause for the malfunction and to resolve it. All this is possible without a technician coming to your site – only in cases in which resolving the problem has to be done with special care, e.g. concerning safety of your goods. In those cases, a technician has to come to your site.

Due to progressive digitalisation of the telecommunications network of the Federal Republic of Germany, adjustments to the hardware installed at your control systems (e.g. concerning modem connections) can occur. This will be necessary in order to further guarantee remote access and control. If in doubt, ask us – we are here to answer all of your questions.