DFÜ Premio2certify

For quite a long time, proving an unbroken cooling chain to work according to the HACCP regulations, has been the new standard. Our new service ‘FSZ DFÜ Premio2certify’ brings this regulation to a new, quality-oriented level. The daily control of recorded measurement data has become your daily routine. But from now on, you will be able to document your control. Your signature and even comments can from now on document and thus prove your compliance to inspection duties.

A signature pad can easily be used to confirm your inspection. Automatically added details of date and time are saved with your archived measurement data.

(Were there legal requirements or wishes of your customers? The legal requirements state that proving an unbroken cooling chain is mandatory. This means that an employee, the owner must be in charge. We offer the possibility to personalize the fulfilment of this requirement – via a personal signature. The legal requirements do not ask for a signature – but control authorities do. They want a written confirmation to prove that the daily data logging has been checked.

The HACCP table signed by you via the signature pad gets saved as a PDF document, unchangeable and easy to retrieve at any time (at least 2 years retrospectively as direct access) in our database.