Residential buildings

Smart Home

The interlinked ’intelligent’ home provides you with more security, saves precious time and reduces energy costs. It is centrally controlled and monitored.

Per definition, a smart home is a house in which housekeeping and multimedia devices interact and can be controlled centrally. Smart Home technologies offer two possibilities. Firstly, processes of everyday life can be automated. Secondly, settings of devices (e.g. heating, lighting and sound systems) can be changed to meet your needs, using nothing more but your computer or smartphone. No matter if you are at home or out and about.

Intelligent Thermostats

Smart thermostats automatically regulate the heating, based on predefined programmes. And still they can be regulated individually at all times.

Intelligent lighting in the outdoor area

Use intelligent control of your outdoor lighting to set the scene of your home effectively, while increasing security for a comfortable living environment.

The services offered by FSZ are applicable in your private surroundings and offer the comfort of long-term control of regulating systems, monitoring of measured values for long-term analysis and thus secure the energy efficiency of your installed systems. Your procedural and status messages, measured values and data are safe with us.

We would like to support you choosing a control system, with the integration of different components in a central system and with the connection to our remote-control service.