Modern and cross-linked control technics got applicable in industry many years ago. The installed technic gets monitored by an operating technician or electrician on site. But what if different sites need to be monitored centrally while using different technics? The effort of installing various different software applications, a complex hardware environment and the necessary training of employees for the maintenance of those software applications often prevents such centralization. The services of FSZ open up new possibilities. New horizons invite you to get discovered and we can help to start a new ‘age’ of industrial application

Climate control of switch cabinets

Switchgears in production rooms often need climate control due to the waste heat generated during the producing procedures. This is done in order to save the control electronics of your production units from overheating. Controlling and monitoring of measuring data can help to detect changes in the control electronics in advance. Immediate action can thus prevent production losses.

No matter what, thermal engineering, compressed air dryers or chillers – the precise regulation of temperatures of cooling units is of essential meaning as it helps to guarantee the fluent running of your business and the production of flawless goods. But if it comes to disruptions of the cooling chain, its sure to be a problem of process cooling. Happening most certainly at times when one does not need any kind of disruption. What if permanent control and long-term data logging could have detected the changes in control mode that lead to the disruptions?

Continuous control and the acquisition of energy consumption data of your production units can open the one economic potential for energy or the other.